How much does a indian wedding cost in Turkey for 2021/2022

if you want indian Wedding Planner and Wedding Venues in Turkey for 2021/2022 …
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How to find your Perfect indian Wedding Planner and Wedding Venues in Turkey?

We at the Indian Wedding Planners have organized numerous such functions of National and International importance. We provide, Complete Wedding, Party or Event related Information, Product and Services Globally to suit your Taste, Style, Budget & Requirements.

Plan Your indian Wedding With Us

You have been Guest to so many Weddings & Now its your own turn to get married.

You want to Have a Dream Wedding.
You want to Have a Big Fat Indian Wedding.
You want to Have a Royal Wedding.
You want to Have a Beach Wedding.
You want to Have a Theme Wedding.
You want to Have a Exotic Wedding.
You want to Have a Traditional Indian Wedding.


Please write or call us, we will do the rest.

A team of our experienced Professionals from different fields visit your place when most of the family members to know their priorities. You have to tell us that :

What is the Occasion?

+ Wedding.
+ Theme Party.
+ Anniversary.
+ Birth Day.

How many functions are there and when?

+ Engagement.
+ Rokka.
+ Godh.
+ Tikka.
+ Ring Ceremony.
+ Mehandi.
+ Sangeet.
+ Cocktail.
+ Bachelors Party.
+ Henna Party
+ Wedding.
+ Reception.
+ Birth Day.
+ Anniversary etc.

Their tentative dates for the same.
Is there any Theme or Dress Code of each Function.



How many Guests will be there in each and every function?

+ Proposed Guests List.

Where you want to Organize these functions?

+ Lots of people are opting for Destination Weddings or Parties. Do you want to explore International Destination Weddings, which are exclusive different and have unique experience.
+ Royal Weddings.
+ Beach Weddings.
+ Adventure Weddings.
+ bosphorus View Weddings.
+ Religious Venue Weddings.
+ Romantic Weddings.
+ Villas Weddings.

What is the Budget?

+ Total Budget of the Wedding, Party or Events also preferences if any of itemized budget.

Requirements of each and every member of the family.

+After that we plan it out and spread whole of the budget; looking in to the family requirements; on the following elements

1. Designer Invitations & Accompaniments.
2. Shopping & Trousseau.
3. Venues & Accommodation.
4. Sets, Themes, Concepts & Decorations.
5. Menu Planning, F & B and Bar Tendering Services.
6. Designers & Accessories.
7. Choreography, Music & Entertainment.
8. Photography : Still & Video.
9. Rentals.
10. Wedding, Hospitality & Destination Management & Other allied services.

After getting approval from your and about Plans and Budget.

We do Vender Selection, Negotiations, Co-ordination, Supervision, Control & Management of services on your behalf.

if you want indian Luxury Wedding Planner in Turkey…
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