Persian Wedding Planner in Bodrum Turkey for 2020

Persian Wedding Planner in Bodrum Turkey for 2020 !

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Wedding Planner Group Event services for the planning of the wedding consists of the following:

Persian wedding planner in bodrum turkey

Persian Wedding Organizing and coordinating the wedding

Persian Wedding creating moodboards and themes

designing the Persian wedding

Persian Wedding finalizing the details of the decoration

Persian Wedding light & sound system and all technical equipments,

Persian Wedding video & photography

Persian Wedding entertainment & shows

Persian Wedding Gifts

Persian invitations

Persian table cards

Persian Wedding beauty care

Persian Wedding Organizations live demonstrations

degustation and every signle detail that is related to your Persian wedding.



1.Wooden stage and alter will set at ceremony venue

2.Alter will decorated by fresh flowers and tulle

3.Sofre Aghd will organized with the wedding decor theme

4.Mirror, candlelabras, designed nuts, seasonal fruit, bread, rock candy

5.Ayne, shaamdan, khonche, badam, gandom, gerdoo, naan, miveh, sekke, shakhe nabat, termeh

6.Fresh flowers and crystal accessories , silver or gold theme

7.Tiffany white Chairs will decorated by flowers and tulle

8.White carpet will rolled for bridal walkway

9.Six Metal stands beside bridal walkway will decorated will fresh flowers


1.Make up take 1:30 hours

2.Hair styling take 1:30 hours

3.Two artists will bring to the hotel to bride’s room

4.Photographer and videographer will start shooting when bride feel ready

5.Photographer and videographer will start shooting when groom feel ready

6.Bridal bouquet will bring to the room for photo shooting

7.After bridal preparation process, bride and groom will bring to special photo and video session



1.Wedding officer will bring too

2.ceremony venue for civil marriage

3.Violoncello player will start playing while bride join the venue

4.Rose leaves will pour on white carpet

5.One bottle of champagne will open by groom

6.Glass of champagne will served for guests

7.All guest will toast glasses and telling their vows

8.Two white doves will set free by bride and groom as good luck symbol

Family photo session


1.Dinner tables will covers by ivory table clothes

2.Runners will lay on tables

3.Each table will designed with fresh flowers long candelabra. Tea light candles will separate on tables also

4.Gold or white Tiffany chairs will decorated with flowers and tulles

5.Special bridal table will decorated with unique accessories

6.DJ desk will set at the corner of the venue

7.Sound system will set

8.Dance floor will be empty

9.Ten Cocktail tables will decorated and set at venue beside of DJ desk

10.Dinner will served by waiters with unlimited local beverage

11.Wedding cake will bring and volcanos will fired at the moment. Wedding cake cutting ceremony

12.At the final of wedding fireworks show

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