If you are looking Wedding Planner in Santorini Greece for 2020 / 2021

If you are looking Wedding Planner in Santorini & Mykanos Greece for 2020 / 2021!,
Greece Wedding Planner WhatsApp +90 543 834 89 83  [email protected],

Wedding Planning Services in Santorini Greece ; Wedding Venues Booking,Wedding Venues Decorations,Wedding Photographer,Wedding Videographer,Wedding Dj&Sound,Hair Dresser for Bridal,Makeup for Bridal…

Our Greece Wedding Destinations ;

Our Wedding Planning for Greece ; Iranian Weddings in Santorini Greece,indian weddings in Santorini Greece,lebanese weddings in Mykanos Greece,arabian weddings in Santorini,British Weddings in Greece ,Muslim Weddings in Greece,pakistani weddings in Santorini,Middle East Weddings in Greece,

Wedding Dinner 3 course Menu Cost Start 150 euro to 300 euro,
Wedding Packages Cost Start 8.000 euro to 15.000 euro ( 50 Guest to 1500 Guest ),

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Luxury Hotel Wedding

Mansion & Historical Wedding

Garden Wedding

Country Wedding

Vintage Style Wedding

Beachside Wedding

Sea View Wedding

Terrace Wedding

Boat & Yatch Wedding

Villas Wedding






Henna Party


Vow Renewal Ceremony

After Party



Persian Weddings

indian Weddings

Lebanese Weddings

Muslim Weddings

British Weddings

Pakistani Weddings

Afgani Weddings

Moroccon Weddings

European Weddings

Worldwide Weddings



Free consultancy for your destination wedding

Wedding Destination Management

Wedding Venue Finding

Wedding Venues Booking

Wedding Receptions

Religious Ceremonies

Civil Wedding

Themes & Ideas

Decoration & Details

Concierge Services

Technical, Visual


Invitations & Gifts

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Couple Website

Wedding Clip

Wedding Fireworks show

Flower Decoration


Live Demonstration




Wedding Planning Service
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